maybe I’ll get a penny

So I had some random thoughts…

When did men start using product? I’m not even referring to the gay ones, but everyday regular guys… men’s-men even. When did it cease to be gel or mouse (or pomade for that matter) and become product? What “metro-sexual” guy started that trend that has now so deeply ingrained itself into our culture that I heard an 8 year old at the grocery store telling his mom he needed “product”. Every time I hear a man say product I wonder about this.

When did legwarmers come back into fashion? I can’t even elaborate… that designer should have to endure something painful…

Who the hell gets to decide who is a “cool new person” on myspace. These people are not cool. Most of them are idiots and I wouldn’t want to be their friend if I knew them in person. Can I be on that committee?? How do I score that job? That would be sweet. No more “Mr. Huggy” or “Kitty in my Pants” or “THE D money”. Oh no, no, no.

Where do all the socks go when the dryer eats them? One of my friends said they go to Guam… along with our loose change and missing puzzle pieces and toy parts we could never find. Is this true? Is there a place in Guam with some vast sorting facility and ginormous vacuum sealers where it’s someone’s job to keep our lost stuff?? If so… I’m goin to Guam, and I’m takin a big fat suitcase full of nothing. I’m going to retrieve my stuff. Otherwise… where does it go?

There are more things I’m wondering, but I’m tired.

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