time to bake some pie

As we all know (okay maybe not we and maybe not know) the holidays aren’t my favorite time of the year. Too commercial and full of greedy bitches. But I will not digress today, that’s not what brought me here.

Today I remembered a favorite blog while thinking about the conflict in the Koreas and wondered if there were any photos posted there. There were. I also looked at the blog history and found myself in awe of the earth and her splendor. It reminded me that I am but a small spec in this vast universe. I may have whatever issues and problems but they are a fleeting moment. I can choose to pass through that moment and see the beauty that surrounds me. I am thankful for so many things. I have been fortunate in life that whatever darkness fall, the light comes soon after.

I hope the morrow is full of beauty, friendship and love.


…I want to smile and sing and dance naked in the rain
…I don’t love Friday
…Its just another ordinary day to work and do and be
…I don’t want to be happy and helpful and nice
…I just called to say I love you
…I think about all the beauty I haven’t yet seen
…I wonder if the best already came
…my tears are happy
…I want to listen to angry music really loudly and tell everyone who wants to hear pop to fuck off
…I want to go for a drive really fast and not worry that I will get a ticket
…I don’t want to be sleepy
…the grass isn’t greener on the other side, its perfect right here
…I want the words to be easier
…I want there to be more love